3D laser cutting

Novelty in our offer – LASER 3D Space Gear Mk II


SPACE GEAR is characterised by the exceptionally wide range of cutting, from flat sheets to cubic details, everything can be cut out. 64 bit steering CNC connected with exceptionally resistant construction make it possible to cut flat sheets with fast speed. Compact cutting head has been adjusted in such a way that the risk of the collision of elements being worked on is reduced to minimum..


Project: Rising the competitiveness of “Biga-Stal” company by the purchase of an innovative 3D laser device within the Lesser Poland Regional Operational Programme for the years 2007-2013.
Contract No. MRPO.02.01.01-12-8-0373-1295-11
The amount of donated funds: 904 000,00 PLN

The service based on an innovative LASER MAZAK 510 MK II 4KW

Our modern technological line with linear drives, intelligent guidance systems and load on and load out system, consisting of a laser cutter, uses the most modern technologies and innovative solutions in the laser sheets cutting. The organisation of production processes shortens to minimum the time of preparing elements.

We warmly encourage you to use our excellent offer – laser cutting.

The multi-purpose abilities of the device allow for welding and chamfering sheets..

The capabilities of LASER MAZAK HTX 510 MK II 4KW take into consideration the requirements of flexible production- cutting various elements of complex shapes, changing the choice of the elements being cut-the precision of making, high requirements of precision and quality. Therefore, the choice of laser cutting technology is right now the optimal choice.

The process innovation can be observed in the application of:

  • technology of laser cutting of high efficiency owing to linear drives,
  • fast and precise numeric steering CNC allowing for interactive programming in CAD/CAM,
  • load on and load out system allowing for complex production automation,

The laser cutter is equipped with linear drives of the newest generation providing very high precision of positioning and most of all the speed of movement. This, in turn lets for 10 times increase in the efficiency of production in comparison to the conventional solutions.

The device also provides the system of touchless regulation of the distance between the nozzle from the material.

Automatic placement and measurement of the focal point lowers the possibility of making a mistake during service.

The equipment and the most modern, innovative steering which can be characterised by precision of cutting and high efficiency makes it possible to provide laser services of high quality for a reasonable price.

The thickness of the cutting/Working parameters:

  • Construction steel up to 25 mm
  • Stainless steel up to 12 mm 1525 mm x 3050 mm
  • Aluminium up to 10 mm