About Us

“Biga Stal” General Partnership Company


“Biga Stal” General Partnership Company run by Piotr Bicz is a fast developing trading and services offering unit with rich, over 20 year-experience in the metallurgy branch.

We offer among others: cold-rolled and hot-rolled plates of specialised application as well as 3D and 2D laser cutting. Owing to the innovative 3D laser technology we provide a wide range of precise services including chamfering sheets.

Market expectations as well as the development of other companies cooperating with “Biga-Stal” caused the change in the profile of our activity from a trading company to both trading and services offering unit.
The dynamic development of our enterprise led to enlarging employment and making our warehouse park bigger. Attempting to face specific market needs, our company uses modern technologies and employs highly- qualified staff. Therefore, we offer high quality of the goods we produce and also high quality of services.

Introducing to our offer the services of 2D laser cutting MAZAK HTX 510 AK and bending sheets with a modern hydraulic press CNC AP 3100 x 220 TONs, we have risen our competitiveness by providing wide-range of services to customers interested in preparing precise elements from dimensioned sheets.

As we own modern devices for cutting and bending steel elements, we provide a wide range of services.