“Biga Stal” General Partnership Company run by Piotr Bicz is a fast developing trading and services offering unit with rich, over 20 year-experience in the metallurgy branch.

Our premises is situated in Rudawa near Krakow.

We offer among others: cold-rolled and hot-rolled plates of specialised application as well as 3D and 2D laser cutting. Owing to the innovative 3D laser technology we provide a wide range of precise services including chamfering sheets.

Novelty in our offer – LASER 3D SPACE GEAR Gear Mk II

SPACE GEAR is characterised by the exceptionally wide range of cutting, from flat sheets to cubic details, everything can be cut out.

64 bit steering CNC connected with exceptionally resistant construction make it possible to cut flat sheets with fast speed.

Compact cutting head has been adjusted in such a way that the risk of the collision of elements being worked on is reduced to minimum.

We warmly encourage you to use our excellent offer – laser cutting.

Our modern technological line with linear drives, intelligent guidance systems and load on and load out system, consisting of a laser cutter, uses the most modern technologies and innovative solutions in the laser sheets cutting. The organisation of production processes shortens to minimum the time of preparing elements.